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Der Tiger Designing, building and running the 1/5 scale Wimmera Tiger tank by Gerard Dean

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No simple "How To Build A Tiger Tank" manual, Der Tiger is more a "How not to build..." because it outlines the many technical problems the author faced during the 10 year build.

Along the way, the author hints at his early years on a wheat farm on the Wimmera plains where his father's no nonsense approach to vehicle maintenance meant most were either breaking down, broken or at the mechanics for repair.

All major areas of the build are included from design, modelling, construction, radio control systems, servos, data telemetry, heavy duty actuators and of course the 150cc V12 IC engine 8 speed gearbox.

Modelling techniques are covered including the advantages and disadvantages of solid model CAD design and laser cutting of components as well as how to make castings using body filler, wet paint and fine sand.

Radio control is discussed at length emphasising the use of old fashioned relay and basic electronic control rather than modern microprocessor and software control.

Note that the book does not contain construction plans for the Tiger chassis or engineering drawings for the V12 motor.

A scale of 1:5 was chosen to enable a model large enough to hold a V12 motor and gearbox yet small enough to fit through the door of the authors study.

Unfortunately, the plan to display the Tiger in the home was scuppered by the domestic powers that be.

Code No. 016920, 124 pages, ISBN 9780994155306, $28.00

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