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How to Order from Plough Book Sales

Payment Methods

Usage: This is a simple order form, either print it and use a pen, or copy it into Word, Notepad (or other similar program) and type or cut and paste the relavent details in. You can also select a Text Only Version of the Order Form

Processing your order: We normally process the mail orders at the end of each week, and post out books and or notifications early the following week, please allow several weeks to receive a reply.

Please note that due to the large range of books and small demand for some items, it is not possible to keep all the books in stock all of the time. Delays of normally only 12 weeks but sometimes as long as 6 months or more can occur before a back order will be filled. Please use this form when ordering and send with payment to Plough Book Sales. We generally require pre-payment of the orders, as we have to specially order in some of the books, we need a guarantee that the books will be sold when they arrive (and that is done best by getting the money first).


Please add the following postage and handling charges to your order.
order valuepostage in Australia
$0 - $10$2.75
$10 - $20$3.85
$20 - $60$6.60
$60 - $165$10.45
over $165free
Foreign Orders

Postage is charged at cost for foreign customers, please write for a quote on postage, or check out Australia Post for an estimate. Foreign customers can pay by personal cheque, but there will be an extra charge for converting the cheque to Australian currency. There is no GST on Foreign orders, so foreign customers can deduct 1/11th from the price.

Sub Total:

Credit Card Payments

Please tick the method of payment: MasterCard Visa
Expiry Date: ...../..... Card number:  ..  ..  ..  ..   ..  ..  ..  ..   ..  ..  ..  ..   ..  ..  ..  ..    Card Holder: ..............................

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