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Going Round the Bend in Search of Old Tractors by Ian M. Johnston

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From a review in the Weekly Times:

- IAN M Johnston is an internationally recognised authority on the history of farm tractors. And if you doubt that statement, Going Round the Bend in Search of Old Tractors will convince you. This 270-page book is not just about the Harry Fergusons and John Deeres of the tractor world. Oh no, there's the Chamberlain Super 90, Sheppard Diesel SD4 and even a Hofherr-Schrantz-Clayton-Shuttleworth.

"To most unenlightened non-tractor folk, the above name is probably suggestive of one of these incomprehensible menu selections ... in a typical yuppie Collins St restaurant," Ian writes.

"But to those of us on a higher intellectual plane, ie blessed with a knowledge of old tractors, we know of course that the HSCS is in fact the name of a quirky Hungarian tractor."

This book is for serious tractor aficionados.

Ever since he came to Australia as a teen from the UK, Ian has been devoted to farms and old tractors, after being a jackaroo, truck driver, shearing shed rouseabout and much more.

He has visited 34 countries on a perpetual tractor quest.

Going Round the Bend is a compilation of his memoirs, in which he draws on his lifetime's involvement with travel, farming and old tractors.

There are photos of rare and unusual farm machines, including a restored Ferguson 35 in New Zealand, a Graham Bradley row crop tractor in the US and a Ronaldson Tippett 18-30 Super Drive in Swan Hill.

There are tales of his travels including to Romania and Russia.

Throughout the pages, he has a lighthearted, easygoing style of writing, perfectly tailored to old cockies.

Whilst essentially a descriptive historical record of tractors, the text digresses occasionally to introduce the reader to a range of fascinating tractor people and shares a few of the author slight hearted personal recollections and tractorexperiences.

Going Round The Bend In Search Of Old Tractors contains photographs throughout the book of rare and unusual tractors. Some of these and their accompanying text are of significant historical importance.

Going Round The Bend In Search Of Old Tractors will appeal to tractor enthusiasts, agriculturalists and historians around the world.

A charming read for those who love tractors, let Ian take you on a journey with him on his travels and the wonderful tractors he finds along the way.

Code No. 016891, 268 pages, ISBN 9781742576084, $25.00

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