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Solenoid Control, Testing, and Servicing: A Handy reference for Engineers and Technitions by Robert Haney

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The most comprehensive reference to solenoid theory, design, control, testing, and troubleshooting

Solenoid Control, Testing, and Servicing is a single-volume handbook on solenoids and the countless devices that use them. The book combines the basic theory of operation of solenoids and solenoid-based devices with all of the electrical, electromechanical, and electronic control circuits and methods of testing commonly used for these devices. This convenient guide provides the technical details needed by engineers to design and test solenoid-based devices as well as information useful to technicians responsible for servicing the devices.

Complete coverage:

Testing of Solenoid Coils; Testing of Solenoid Actuators; Testing of Solenoid Valves; Testing of Clutches and Brakes; Testing of Contactors and Relays; Electronic Controls; DC and AC Voltage Control; Coil Back EMF Suppression; Contact Arc Suppression; Voltage Versus Current Control; Peak-and-Hold Control; Proportional Control (Linear and PWM); Adding Feedback for Position and Other Sensors


Robert M. Haney, PE, is an electrical engineering consultant and adjunct instructor with nearly 40 years of experience in the design, application, and field support of electronic controls and test equipment with United Technologies, Caterpillar, Delco Electronics, and other companies. He has taught at several institutions, including Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and holds a U.S. patent (assigned to J.I. Case) on a tractor draft control system that uses solenoid coils as sensors.

Code No. 016029, 272 pages, ISBN 9780071789691, $60.00

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