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Well Drilling Plants and Gasoline Engines Goldfields Diamond Drilling Catalogue circa 1920 good quality reprint

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This heavily illustrated catalogue and descriptive booklet of the 1920s diamond drilling equipment for water and oil is invaluable for machinery collectors and historians of the pastoral and oil drilling industry in Australia. The Foreword details it's approach:-

"In the following pages we submit illustrations with brief descriptions of Boring Plants, tools, and accessories, manufactured by us at Melbourne. If you are interested in boring, a careful perusal will repay you.

Our aim is to give you proof that as Drilling Engineers and Manufacturers, we are equipped to design and manufacture a Drilling Outfit to meet every possible requirement. We are peculiarly fitted to do so, because as Boring Contractors of 30 years' experience in a very extensive way of business, we have gained a great and varied fund of knowledge, and we build that experience into our machines and tools, in order to ensure to our clients the best possible service at a reasonable cost.

If you purpose drilling, let us advise you as to the type of plant best suited to your particular requirements, remembering that a plant quite successful in one section of country may be a dismal failure in another.

There is nothing experimental about our machines; they are standing up year after year to the hardest practice. We appreciate that the success of a Well Drilling Plant depends upon three factors: Correctness of design, suitability of material used in construction, honest workmanship in manufacture. Our plants and tools comprise all three factors.

We do not aim to make a cheap article, but rather an article strong, durable, reliable, and easy to handle, that will do expeditious and economical work for its owner.

It is impossible in the limited space at our disposal, to set out all the types of Drilling Machines and tools we manufacture, but we wish to make it clear that we can make any drilling tool known to the trade, and we cordially offer you the benefit of our knowledge and experience in all that pertains to Well Drilling, whether in Machines, Tools, Accessories, or Methods."

Code No. 015639, 78 pages, ISBN 9780859054546, $30.00

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