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The TAB Battery Book An In-Depth Guide to Construction, Design, and Use by Michael Root

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A practical guide to the inner-workings of all battery types and their applications The TAB Battery Book provides a comprehensive introduction to battery technology. Written for electronics hobbyists, inventors, researchers and developers, and science and engineering students, the book explains the theoretical underpinnings of battery technology, explores how different types of batteries work, and examines the advances in materials science and manufacturing methods that are being used to create batteries as exceptional energy sources for a wide variety of devices. Cost-effective, long-lasting portable energy sources are essential. This in-depth volume helps you tap into the power of the latest battery technologies.

The TAB Battery Book:

Everything you need to know about batteries:

Why We Need Batteries; The Many Uses of Batteries; History of Batteries; Basic Physics and Chemistry; The Science of Batteries; Battery Engineering Design Principles; Measuring Battery Performance; Battery Reliability and Safety; Primary Batteries; Rechargeable or Secondary Batteries; Charging Rechargeable Batteries; Selecting the Right Battery; The Future of Battery Technology; Battery Resources


Michael Root, Ph.D., is a battery electrochemist with more than 20 years of battery research and development experience, including 14 years as Principle Electrochemist at Rayovac Corporation. He currently works in battery research and development for a major medical device company. Root is the author of 20 papers and articles, and a member of American Chemical Society and the Electrochemical Society.

Code No. 015116, 252 pages, ISBN 9780071739900, $58.00

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