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Armstrong Siddeley The Sphinx with the Heart of a Lion by Bruce Lindsay

No Longer Available

Every production model is introduced using contemporary reports, road tests and factory data, and is supported by data panels offering technical specifications, production numbers and basic performance data. Unique amongst books on this marque, illustrations comprise only original images of the cars when new, sourced from factory sales brochures, press photos, period photographs and illustrated advertisements.

The book is printed in full colour throughout, and contains a CD images of Armstrong Siddeley sales catalogues from 1920 to 1960. The book comprises 272 pages printed on heavyweight art paper, is hard-bound, and is presented in a strong slipcase. Only 1000 copies will be printed, ensuring that it will remain a valued addition to any motoring library.


..... The author has not set out to write an encyclopaedia on the marque. His approach, has been to utilise the company's brochure advertising of the day, thereby giving a full and accurate picture of the many products marketed by them. By this means he has brought every car before the reader's gaze. Together with these evocative portraits he has assembled an equally delightful collection of contemporary black-and-white photographs which serve to set the cars within their period. The book is arranged with a chapter heading for each model, with a text which serves to set the scene for what is to follow, and concludes with specifications and relevant production data.

No stone has been left unturned in his diligent search to place before the reader every product Armstrong Siddeley ever made. I'll wager that Lindsay's airing of the stationary engines is their first exposure since they were marketed!

The coloured artwork of the material shows the cars in their original livery. As well as being a delight to look at, the brochures present a feast of information for enthusiasts and restorers. They provide the opportunity to examine the plethora of incidental items such as spare wheel mountings, interior walnut fittings, instruments and so on. For a restorer, the original coachwork colour schemes are a most important feature. For example, the Four-Light Saloon of the 1930s was only available in blue, green, grey and black (so don't restore it in maroon!) but importantly, the full-colour picture shows the colour-contrasted wheels.

But this is a book not only for Armstrong Siddeley people. On browsing through the pages, one will immediately discern its appeal for all who admire cars of the period the book embraces; 1919-1960. Examples of coachwork by firms other than Armstrong Siddeley include such well-known names as Tickford, Van de Plas and Mulliners, but there are also lesser-known names of Hoval, Holbrook and Maltby. There were a few European coachbuilders whose work appeared on the marque's underpinnings; Graber, Michelotti and a particularly nice fixed-head coupe built by Ghia are all featured. In a rarer category were the Australian coachbuilders such as Ruskin, Creswell and the Melbourne Motor Body Co. These have been scarcely recorded in the past and will be entirely new information for overseas readers.

It is good to see the little Stoneleigh light car - Armstrong Siddeley's venture into the cheap car range - given its own chapter. So often the Stoneleigh is looked upon as an idea best forgotten. Lindsay tells us that the car "was widely derided by factory workers" and Siddeley known as "the man who made walking a pleasure". This surely relates to the Trojan slogan of "it's cheaper than walking" ....

Highly recommended. Ian Smith
Librarian, Sporting Car Club of South Australia Inc.

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