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Scale Model Steamboats by Phillip Vaughan Williams

Over the last ten years there has been enormous growth in the number of boat modellers wishing to use steam plant as a propulsion system for their scale and semi-scale models. This has been the result of the commercial availability of kits and factory built steam engines and boilers, allowing modellers with limited facilities and engineering background to install simple to operate units into a variety of model prototypes. For such modellers a book explaining the basic requirements has been long overdue.

This book first outlines the development of marine steam power and the principles, design and characteristics of prototype steam plants. After a section on model steam plants, their selection and matching to particular models and their installation and running, the author considers the requirements for safe running as far as the hull and superstructure are involved. He runs through the build of a typical open launch model, ideal for access to the plant and then considers other types of ships such as merchantmen, tugs, fishing boats, pleasure steamers and so on.

Experienced steam buffs will find much to stimulate them to a new and perhaps more challenging model and newcomers will be able to absorb the basic facts so they can proceed with confidence and in complete safety, to build and operate these fascinating model steam engines and boats.

Code No. 010753, 136 pages, ISBN 1900371308, $48.50

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