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The Ivel Story by John Moffitt

Dan Albone was the truly remarkable man who first brought the internal combustion tractor to the ordinary farmer. The Ivel Tractor wa invented in 1903, a full decade ahead of Henry Ford's first tractor and almost three decades ahead of the first Ferguson. The little Ivel was able to be used to maximum affect on the farm due to its extraordinary versatility, working not only in the field but also in the barn, threshing, milling, cutting and sawing.

Japonica Press has published the The Ivel Story to makr the 100th anniversary of the invention of the Ivel tractor.

In this book, John Moffitt has delved deep into the fascinating history of Daniel Albone's breif but amazingly productive life. Whilst still in his teens, Dan set up in business as a bicycle manufacturer, and began to design, invent, adapt and patent bicycles and cycling equipment. He went on to produce motor bicycles and an Ivel motor car, before turning his attention and considerable energy to the design of the tractor. In 1902, after five years of research, he took out a patent and astounded the world's press with his revolutionary ideas. The Ivel Tractor was produced in 1903, just three years before Dan's death at the age of 46.

The book makes fascinating reading, covering as it does not only the story of the tractor itself, but also the life and times of the Albone family, and Dan's many other inventions along the way. It is lavishly illustrated with photographs and repoductions of old brochures, plans, press cuttings and other memorabilia.

Code No. 010072, 204 pages, ISBN 0954022262, $60.00

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