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Chainsaw Operator's Manual

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This book has been produced to increase the level of awareness in general safety, and to assist the chainsaw operator in adopting safe and efficient working techniques.

The book is divided into three sections:

Level 1 - Basic "Cross Cutting"

Includes: Basic safety, Kick-Back, Power head maintenance, sprockets and chain bar, sawchain, chain sharpening, cross cutting including top bind, bottom bind, side bind, log trap, wind blow, limbing, etc.

Level 2 - Intermediate "Simple Tree Felling"

Includes: Theory of felling, directional felling, preparation before felling, warning signs, scarf, features of a scarf, cutting a scarf, Humbolt scarf, V scarf, Box scarf, 90 degree scarf, back cut placement, holding wood, etc.

Level 3 - Advanced "Problem Tree Felling"

Includes: Tree with side lean, Uneven holding wood, Plunge cuts, trees with forward leans, using wedges, tree diameter twice guide bar length, double leader, defective tree, snag/stag, hung up trees, etc.

The book is well illustrated, with easy to follow diagrams and explanations.

Code No. 009819, 101 pages, ISBN 0643090282, $29.95

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