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Brunel's Ships by Denis Griffiths, Andrew Lambert & Fred Walker

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Isambard Kingdom Brunel, probably the most celebrated if not the most innovative engineer of his day, created a number of quite revolutionary steamships - the Great Western which was the first practical transatlantic paddle-steamer; the Great Britain, the first iron-built screw-driven; and the monster Great Eastern which remained the largest ship in the world for almost half a century. Besides these well-known wonders of the maritime world, Brunel also worked with the Admiralty on the introduction of the screw propeller into naval service.

The story of Brunel and his ships, however is surrounded by myth and self-created propaganda. In this book, a multi talented team of maritime engineer, historian, and naval architect combine to analyse the scientific and economic context of the ships; the sum and substance of Brunel's contribution; and the technical features of his ships. It is illustrated in depth with original draughts, contemporary prints and photographs.

For all those with an interest in Brunel and his extraordinary ships this book will delight and inform; and at a time when the Great Britain is becoming the central focus of interest at the Bristol Docks, it will draw attention again to this most remarkable engineer and ship designer.

Code No. 009608, ISBN 1861761023

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