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Seamen, Ships & Cargo by R. Sheret (West Coast of North America)

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Seamen, Ships & Cargo tells the story of the ships and crews that moved cargo coastwise from the 18 century to the present time. This fully illustrated book describes some of the problems the early traders had working on the coast. The methods of navigation without any of the modern aids to navigation. The arrival of steam, increase in settlements and improved navigation benefited the development of the coastal trade.

When the gold rush began in California so did the large paddlewheel passenger steam ships. Coastal freighters were built to fill the needs of the developing communities. As lumber and mining developed along the coast there was a greater need for passenger ships. These ranged from fast miniature ocean liners to small wooden ships. Tugs were built to assist sailing ships and tow wood products, coal and other commodities. The Yukon Gold Rush increased the need for ships to take men & supplies to Alaska.

After WWII things started to change. Ferries and aircraft started replacing the passenger vessels and tug and tows the coastal freighter. However new types of coastal freighters arrived and tourist passenger vessels plied the coast. With the discovery of oil in Alaska large tankers started sailing on the coast.

Many cargos are moved on coastal vessels today including oil and wood products. New cargos, such as farmed fish, are now shipped on coastal vessels.

Code No. 009542, ISBN 0921107102

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