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Cockshutt: The Complete Story

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The Cockshutt tractor is not a household term, perhaps you have heard that they were built in Canada. Well, once you read Cockshutt: The Complete Story, you will realize there is a lot more to Cockshutt tractors than you imagined.

The Company's impact on North American implement and tractor technology may be far greater than you are aware. There may be more Cockshutts and CO-OPs to be found than you realize. Did you know, for example, that Indy 500 winner, Al Unser Jr., restored a CO-OP E-3, which sits among the retired Indy cars at the Michigan International Speedway Museum.

Cockshutt: The Complete Story fill a long-standing need for background information, technical data, and photographs of tractors produced by Cockshutt Farm Equipment, Ltd. and its predecessor, Cockshutt Plow Company, Ltd. Historic background on the Company and the family who managed it sheds light on a line of implements and the man who affected Canadian agricultural growth as much as John Deere in the United States.

An overview of U.S. Built models sold under the Cockshutt name in Canada by the Cockshutt Plow Co., Ltd. is included. Additionally, there is much background on the history of Farm Bureau's National Farm Machinery Cooperative, with a discussion of its marketing operation. Presentation of the tractors they sold in the years prior to their agreement to sell Cockshutts is also part of this book.

The reader will find this compilation a simple reference to quickly differentiate various tractor models manufactured by Cockshutt between 1946 and 1962. Restorers will find specific technical data regarding each model - paint, decal, and parts information. Both black and white and colour photographs offer correct examples of original or restored tractors.

University of Nebraska test data is used throughout to compare Cockshutt's attributes with the competition. Key patents and other innovative contributions built into Cockshutt implements, which ultimately impacted U.S. manufacturers, are highlighted as well. To complete this book, numerous "thumb-nail sketches" are included, which outline the associated companies and men whose entrepreneurial exploits directly contributed to Cockshutt's successes. This book is for enthusiasts - collectors, restorers, and people who simply want to learn Cockshutt's background and the impact of Cockshutt in the world.

This work has no single author. Rather, it is a compilation of many contributors, mostly members of the International Cockshutt Club, Inc. They are people who have long felt the need for the Cockshutt story to be told.

Code No. 008898, 120 pages, $35.00

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