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Mikes Jet Book by Mike Cherry

A Hands-on guide to Jet Modelling by Mike Cherry.

The immense advances in R/C jet modelling since the 1980s are astonishing. The era of noisy, underpowered and temperamental models has been superseded by reliability, performance and simple operation. Nowadays, any reasonably competent modeller is almost guaranteed success with today's technology. But with such a large number of available products, the choice is bewildering, and unwise selection is costly.

Mike's Jet Book is a comprehensive guide to current products, their installation and operation, and proven equipment combinations and techniques used by many of the world's most successful jet modellers. It includes practical information for both beginners and experts, covering electric powered jets, ducted fans, gas turbines, construction and R/C installation, accessories and ancillary systems.

The book describes the fitting and mounting of the engines, fuels systems, airframes, undercarriages, radio control. There are also a host of accessories described such as re-leasable ordnance, adjustable tail cones, vibration isolation mounts, hush-kits, smoke system, lights, braking parachutes, tachometers, and more. Lastly there is a section on the operation of the model.

An acknowledged author and accomplished jet modeller, Mike Cherry is perhaps best known as the founding editor of 'R/C Jet International' magazine and for his regular jet columns in many other publications around the globe. In this first book on the subject for nearly 10 years, he passes on his experience in state-of-the-art jet modelling.

Code No. 008843, 95 pages, $64.90

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