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Electric Motors in the Home Workshop, WPS No. 24 by Jim Cox

The author's earlier book Electric Motors described the basic principles of operation and methods of application of the wide range of motor types likely to be encounted in small application engineering. Although it included some practical information, it was mainly educational and this provoked many requests for more detailed practical information on popular workshop applications.

This book provides this additional information. Detailed advise is given on how to identify and make good use of discarded and surplus motors from both domestic and industrial sources and also how to operate three phase motors from single phase supplies. Examples are given of actual workshop applications and conversions and, because many model engineers are interested in battery driven projects, sections are included on battery supplies and the use of motors in mobile projects.

Jim Cox was chief engineer of a well known electronics company and spent most of his working life closely involved with both electronics and electromechanical equipment which used a wide range of electric motor types. As a keen model engineer for over thirty years he is well aware of the needs of small workshops and the capabilities of their owners.

Code No. 007922, 133 pages, ISBN 1854861336, $16.99

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