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South Bend Lathe Booklets "How To" Booklets from the 1930's

No Longer Available

South Bend Lathe published small booklets ranging from eight to twenty-four pages or more, each booklet dedicated to a particular topic. Here are eight of the most popular 1936 booklets reprinted in a single book.

In one volume you get: How to Grind Valves, Sharpen Reamers and Cutters in the Motor Service Machine Shop; How to True Brake Drums of Automobiles, Buses, and Trucks; How to Test and True Differentials; How to Bore Rebabbitted Connecting Rods; How to Make Bushings; How to Finish Pistons; How to Grind Lathe Cutter Bits; How to Cut Screw Threads in the Lathe

Obviously, South Bend was very much interested in promoting its products, and they knew the best way to do that was to show people how useful a lathe could be. These booklets are of exactly the same style of "How to Run a Lathe" being heavily illustrated with photographs and drawings. The section on cutting screw threads is obviously, very similar to the chapter in the edition of "Run a Lathe" that is also available as a reprint, but certainly not identical. The other booklets present new material.

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