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Ignition Equipment by E.T. Westbury

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The author exhaustively researched very small ignition equipment in the late 1940's, and this book is the result. Just about every known form of ignition design is covered. First published in 1948, and reprinted in 1993.


  1. History and Development of Electric Ignition

    Early coil systems; The Ruhmkorff coil; Trembler and non-trembler coils; Early magnetos; Bosch high-tension system; Modern improvements; Reliability; Comparisons; Utility performance.

  2. Working Principles

    Electro-magnetic induction; Principles of operations; The Condenser; Essential differences between coils and magnetos.

  3. Types of Ignition Spark Generators

    Early ignition coils; Relative merits of trembler and non-trembler coils; Single and multiple coils; H.T. distributors; Contact-breakers; The Attwater-Kent ignition system.

  4. Modern Ignition Coil Systems

    Methods of construction; Outside and inside primary; Ballast resistance; Coils for high speed engines; Speeding-up coil operation; The Delco ultra-high-speed controller.

  5. Types of Ignition Magnetos

    Principles of dynamo-electric machines; Distinctive features of ignition magnetos; Principles of rotating armature machines; The "H" armature; Wave characteristics; Effect of contact-breaker and condenser.

  6. Rotary-Armature Magnetos

    Low-tension machines; Advantages of high-tension machines; Contact-breakers; Modern tendencies; Magnet steels; Limitation of rotary-armature magnets.

  7. Polar Inductor Magnetos

    Principles of polar inductor machines; Early types; Increasing number of poles; Sleeve inductor magnetos; Modern aircraft magnetos; Pros & cons of polar inductor machines.

  8. Rotary-Magnet Magnetos

    Early types; Albion; Lancaster; Ford; Modern tendencies; "Unit" magnetos; Lucas; B.T.H.; Wico; Distributor-head magnetos; Scintilla "Vertex"; Lucas.

  9. Flywheel Magnetos

    Villiers two-pole, three pole, six pole; Wico WB, FW, and other flywheel magnetos.

  10. Other Magnetos and Accessory Equipment

    Non-rotary magnetos; Impulse Couplings; Automatic advance gear; Ignition governors; Magnetos for vee-twin engines.


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