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Model Petrol Engine by E.T. Westbury

First published 1936, reprinted 1984 & 1992.

A comprehensive book on the design and construction of small and model petrol engines. These engines can be used in model boats, aircraft, cars or just as scale models of full sized engines. There are no plans for any specific type of engine, but the working principles of different types of heat engines are explained in detail with both two and four stroke principles being covered. There is enough information covered in the 12 chapters to enable you to design your own engine. The structure of crankcase design, cylinders heads, cranks, con-rods, pistons, valves and or ports, timing gears are explained. There are examples of some model engines for model aircraft or cars like the Atom, Kittiwake, Kiwi all air-cooled and 15 c.c. capacity, to larger models of 4 cylinder o.h.v. 30 c.c. engine and 7 cylinder radial engines as well as a 15 c.c. hopper cooled engine for a model road roller, plus many more.

There are also complete chapters on carburation, ignition, lubrication and cooling, along with a final chapter covering experimental features such as sleeve valves, rotary valves, supercharging and compression ignition engines.

Chapter are:

  1. The Realm of the Model Petrol Engine
  2. Principles on Which Engines Work
  3. Various Types of Model Petrol Engines
  4. Principles of Four-Stroke Engine Design
  5. Principles of Two-Stroke Engine Design
  6. Examples of Four Stroke Engines
  7. Examples of Two-Stroke Engines
  8. Carbuation
  9. Ignition
  10. Lubrication & Cooling
  11. Possible Future Developments

Code No. 004617, ISBN 0905100344, $35.00

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