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Building the Overcrank Engine Georgina by Tubal Cain

This book describes the construction of the Georgina model engine designed by Tubal Cain, which was inspired by examples drawn from the "Age of Elegance". It is representative of a type widely used for small powers, and occasionally larger ones, including colliery winding engines. Though simple in design it does introduce some very interesting manufacturing techniques, and its slender proportions make it a delight to see when running.

The Author takes the Reader through the construction, with many sketches of time-saving devices and photographs of work in progress. The design uses castings for the cylinder and flywheel which are readily available, with the remainder of the parts requiring no more than the usual bar stock. This engine can be built in its basic form, but the Author includes drawings and instructions for the addition of a feed-pump if desired.

Strong emphasis is placed on the use of simple methods, and no elaborate workshop equipment is needed, for apart from the flywheel, the smallest lathe will suffice.

Many of those who saw the engine at the 1979 Model Engineer Exhibition remarked on the elegance of the design and the symmetry of its proportions. Now readers can add this popular engine to their collection - with all the information needed for its construction, clearly and concisely outlined in this book.

Code No. 003298, 53 pages, $21.00

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