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Model Boilermaking Designing Making & Testing by E.L. Pearce

First published in 1920, this 1992 reprint is of the ninth edition.

The author E.L. Pearce was prompted by the editor of "The Model Engineer" to write a book on boiler making for the amateur model maker. The book is intended to explain the rules for calculating the proportions and giving the methods of construction of model boilers.

The author has given several examples of the different types of boilers in use, together with alternative methods of constructions, showing how flanging may be dispensed with to a certain extent, and indicating where it is necessary to depart from the usual design of full-sized boilers. Examples of this are with the removal of the water space at the back and sides of model marine boilers due to space limitations, or the reduction of the number of tubes in a model locomotive boiler from 200 down to a more manageable number. The book explains how to avoid the trap of ending up with a scaled down boiler that is not large enough for its work, or has insufficient heating area.

Chapters include:

  1. General Principles of Boiler Design, Materials, Shape, Proportions, Strength, Capacity, Hearing Surface
  2. Stationary Boilers
  3. A Small Power Boiler
  4. Launch Boilers
  5. Locomotive Boilers
  6. Setting Out Plates, Spacing Tubes, Etc.
  7. Fuels, Lamps, Fire Grates.

Code No. 001470, ISBN 0905100131, $16.00

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