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Flash Steam by Edgar T. Westbury

This is an informative booklet that describes the development of steam power and the use of flash steam or mono-tube boilers. Some types of flash steam boilers are covered, including contra-flow principle, flat coil boilers (as used in the White steam car) also triple-layer boiler. There is also a discussion on the heating area of the boiler.

There is a chapter on the methods of firing which mainly covers liquid fuel burners such as diffused flame vaporising burner, atomising burners, atmospheric atomising burners with a turbo-blower. There is another chapter on types of engines suitable for use with models that use flash steam, single acting reciprocating engines, vane type rotary motors, even impulse turbines and swashplate piston engines. Steam valves for the above types of engines are also detailed, piston valves, rotary valves, valve linkages for swashplate engine, poppet valves and lastly ports in uni-flow engines. The important aspect of boiler feeding for the model boiler is covered. Details of simple feed water systems such as a air pressure in a tank, plunger pumps and lastly differential pumps.

The final chapter finishes off with auxiliaries such as lube oil pumps, automatic controls, safety devices, stopping devices, steam separators, water feed scoops (for feedwater pumps on model boats) and feed filters.

Code No. 001461, 101 pages, ISBN 090510059X, $18.00

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