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Victorian Railways History Series No. 2 Lamps and Lighting Volume 2 A Reference for Historians, Museums, Lamp Collectors and Discerning Modellers by Arthur Brook M Sc.

Station platforms, Buildings and Yards Gas and Electric Lamps and Lighting

Research started into this complex area in 1988 with Volume 1 being published in 2019 related to solid and liquid fuelled lamps used on Station Platforms, in Station buildings and in the yards.

Now, Volume 2 is available and focuses on lighting used by Victorian Railways between 1856 and 1984 for station platforms, buildings and yards, with a specific focus on gas and electric lamps and lighting.

This 260 page A4 book has a wealth of information supported by over 200 photographs, 100 other illustrations and 20 tables of information.

The first chapter on Gas Lamps and Lighting introduces acetylene gas lighting and the use of gas plants. It moves on to petrol air gas lighting systems and finishes with lighting using town gas. The technology is explained and gas light examples are shown in photographs and illustrations.

The second chapter on Electric Lamps and Lighting starts from the first use in 1882 and looks at how electric lighting evolved over time through to the 1960s.

Lamps and Lighting - Volume 2 introduces the reader to these lamps, how they were assessed for use by Victorian Railways and then introduced into use at stations around Victoria. This book also introduces the reader to lesser known methods of lighting used by VR. Throughout this book, the theory of the lighting method is supported by excellent photographs of both lamps and lamps in use on VR premises, diagrams, advertising material, assessment reports and anecdotal stories about lighting.

Arthur Brook has researched Lamps and Lighting in meticulous depth resulting in a book worth buying for the insights it gives on lighting as it was used for over more than a century in Victorian Railways and the wider community.

Compelling reading for historians, lamp collectors and modellers alike!!

A detailed reference book to the way in which gas and electric lighting has been an integral part of the history of Victorian Railways, especially on station platforms, buildings and yards. This book covers gas lighting as used by Victorian Railways in great depth and then moves on to electric lighting. Supported by many historical photographs of VR premises and interesting anecdotes from the past, it makes for a great read, as well as a detailed reference source.

LIMITED PRINT RUN - make sure you get your order in as soon as possible!!

Code No. 017858, 260 pages, ISBN 9780648374718, $69.95

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