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Perth's First Motor Vehicle by John Clydesdale

No Longer Available

This book tells for the first time the story of the first motorised road vehicle to drive through the streets of the city of Perth.

This book includes the previously unrecognised photographs of this unique steam vehicle that traversed Perth and Fremantle streets. The famous Thomson Road Steamer was the first vehicle on the Australian continent to ride on rubber tyres and played a major role in the early Industrial progress of both Queensland and WA.

The book, Perth's First Motor Vehicle, tells how the populace of the tiny Swan Colony capital welcomed this wonder machine in 1871, how it was met by cheering colonists, had a mounted guard of honour, how it visited Government House and made the first powered haulage of goods from Fremantle to Perth. It was the city's first motorised vehicle, the first powered road vehicle and the first to carry people in the city.

The book, by WA motoring journalist John Clydesdale, also reveals for the first time, the first Perth City Flag that flew on the opening day of Perth Town Hall in 1870. Its design was discovered during research into the city's first motor vehicle.

Code No. 010751, ISBN 0958054711

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