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The Red Devil and other Tales from the Age of Steam by D. Wardale

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This book details the experiences of the author D. Wardale and his involvement with South African Railways in the 1970's, an American attempt in the early 1980's to build a state of the art steam locomotive, and finally in China at the Datong Locomotive Factory. During the author's time as an engineer, he corresponded with L.D. Porta, an Argentine railway engineer who has done extensive work in modern steam locomotive design. There are many references to the work of, and comments by L.D. Porta.

This is a comprehensive text book on modern steam locomotive engineering that is directed at the technically-minded steam enthusiast. It compares the advantages and disadvantages of steam and diesel-electric traction, it explains what is right and wrong with modern steam engine design, and is full of useful information

Extract from the Preface:

"Who is going to like this book? Steam enthusiasts will not like it because it reveals how steam's performance did not match up to the levels enshrined in their cherished beliefs, this because there can be no balanced view if steam's weaknesses are glossed over and the strengths of its rivals ignored. Steam's detractors will not like it because it finally glorifies something they probably do not understand, and what is not understood is all too often thought of as `wrong'..."


  1. The Wizard's Apprentice
    1. The Promised Land
    2. South African Railways Traction Policy Up To 1974
    3. Postwar SAR Steam Development Work
    4. First Posting
    5. The Argentinian Connection
    6. The Willing Disciple
  2. Modified 19D Class No 2644
    1. The 19D Class
    2. The Modified 19D: Design And Rebuilding
    3. Tuning - Up
    4. Comparative Tests
    5. 2644 In Service
    6. 2644 - A Final Assessment
  3. The Red Devil
    1. The 25NC Class
    2. The Modified 25NC: Design Work
    3. The Metamorphosis From 25NC To 26 Class
    4. Tuning - Up
    5. Operation And Tests in Regular Service
    6. Indicating And Other Tests At Pretoria
    7. Component Performance
    8. Performance In Service
    9. The Red Devil: Conclusions
  4. Other Steam Locomotive Modifications On The SAR
  5. The South African Railways: Conclusions
  6. ACE - The American Dream
    1. The Birth Of American Coal Enterprises
    2. The Development Of The Steam Locomotive in America
    3. The ACE 3000
    4. The American Coal Enterprises Development Co.
    5. The 614 Tests
    6. ACE: The Bitter End
  7. China - Steam's Last Empire
    1. Journey To The East
    2. The QJ Class
    3. The Modified QJ
    4. Test Work Carried Out At Datong
    5. The Datong Locomotive Factory
    6. The QJ Project - A Retrospective View
  8. The End Of The Line?

Code No. 009881, 522 pages, ISBN 9781909358010, $103.00

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