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Encyclopedia of Western Railroad History Vol. III, Oregon, Washington

THIS 352-PAGE, TRIPLE INDEXED REFERENCE BOOK covers nearly 500 names in the two north Pacific coast states. All known common carrier steam powered operations of ten or more miles are included, plus numerous logging companies, electric traction and diesel operations. The account covers their histories from inception until sale or abandonment-or until 1993, if still active. Railroad titles are full and exact.

Emphasis is on development of the railroads-and the development of the West itself. The author consulted all published reference material from 1868 until 1970, federal and state government reports, and local newspapers of the period. There are references to pre-railroad history (written by Merle Wells), wagon freight, mail, steamship services, census figures (from 1850 on), with the opening dates of 300 post offic'es. There is even an 1880 road map. Maps-36 full page and 212 smaller-guide the reader to each operation, with a larger overview of the west coast from 1865-90. Full-page maps of each territory/state begin when a few miles of track were placed and continue through 1915.

Approximately 2,598 locomotives are listed with builder, construction number, date, and weight. Most include tractive effort and renumbering or disposition.

One hundred thirty-four photographs, including many impact photos as well as several previously unpublished, and eleven other illustrations aid in understanding the events of 100 plus years ago. Most are half-page or larger. Many deal with maritime and logging operations, and the model maker will find a host of subjects.

On October 1, 1885, Yale College instructor Arthur T. Hadley wrote: "The man who would really study the subject, must seek his material among hundreds of different arguments and reports, many of them extremely able, but few of them easy of access and still fewer at all complete in themselves." We believe this book addresses Mr. Hadley's concern.

Code No. 007376, 340 pages, $70.00

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